janesaysHi, I’m Jane. Welcome to my blog. I live in Vancouver, work as a professional communicator and play at many things, including music, dance and travel. I love jewellery, trivia, the 90s, sarcasm and am prone to random bursts of singing.

I set up this domain back in 2002 to learn more about HTML and web design, and used it primarily to blog and share photos.

As social media sites like Facebook and Twitter got more popular, I found I didn’t really need to host my own blog and stopped updating my site. However, now there are times when I want to share longer stories with people beyond my Facebook network and haven’t had anywhere to put them. That’s why I decided to resurrect my old site. However, this time I’m not HTML-coding it myself (thanks, WordPress!).

I’m hoping the blog will encourage me to do more of my own writing. I do a lot of writing for work, but it’s not the same as doing my own writing in my own voice. So this is a bit of an experiment. The topics and frequency will vary. Let’s see how it goes.


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